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Skinny Caramel coffee syrup

Skinny Caramel coffee syrup is an extremely popular choice in coffee flavourings, I mean who doesn’t love caramel? Especially when it has no calories!
Caramel can also be added to almost any other flavour to give it an extra dimension.
Skinny Caramel coffee syrup

Our new amazing skinny Caramel syrup contain no other sweetener either! You decide yourself if you want to sweeten it, and with what. But before you do, try it first! It's simply wonderful as it is, #1❣
Made in Sweden 🇸🇪 Sugar free Caramel coffee syrup

Unsweetened Caramel & Vanilla coffee syrup


Although Coffee Adder's New Skinny Caramel Coffee Syrup is developed for coffee, it certainly works perfectly with cocktails and other drinks, like cocoa, tea, milk, yoghurt and they are excellent to flavour cake and other kinds of pastry.
The uses of Coffee Adder flavourings are limited only by your imagination!


Caramel is a french word from the early 18th century.
Caramel is made by heating sugar until it oxidises and get brown, which is called caramelization or caramelisation.
The brown colors are produced by three groups of polymers: caramelans, caramelens, and caramelins.
So how is sugar-free caramel even possible?
Scientifically speaking caramelization is a type of non-enzymatic browning. Just like all aroma flavourings, sugar is a hydrocarbon (made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms). When heating sugar it melts down to a liquid form and, at first,turns a light brown colour. The longer you heat it the darker the liquid will get. What happens is that more oxygen atoms from the surrounding air joins the party (oxidation) and the sugar molecules break down and produce several different compounds. The sugary, sweet taste is replaced by a more burnt, bitter and somewhat nutty flavour and fragrance.
As the process occurs, volatile chemicals such as diacetyl are released, producing that pleasant caramel flavor and aroma.
Simply put: it tastes caramel but not sweet.
In traditional caramel coffee syrups, much more sugar is added afterwards.
When you use Coffee Adders you can of course add a desired amount of sweetness to your coffee. Or enjoy it just the way it is.


Thin and watery coffee is probably not what you are hoping for when you make your much loved coffee.
Coffee Adders are concentrated, unsweetened flavours. You therefore can add sweetener to your liking.
The advantage with highly concentrated flavours, compared to ordinary syrups, is that you need to add much less to your beverage, or other applications. Adding just a teaspoon to your coffee, drink, etc., rather than one whole fluid ounce (6 times more), means that it will not be so watered down.

And each Coffee Adder bottle will be sufficient for 100 Delicious servings! That's a whole lot more than the 30 servings you get from the common syrups.

Sugar free Caramel & Vanilla coffee syrup

Coffee Adders are Made in Sweden and they are:

Coffee Adders will never contain:

The bottle is complying with EU & FDA standard for food service.

CONTENTS of the package: 1 bottle 500 ml (empty), 1 bottle 100 ml with the Irish Cream skinny syrup flavouring concentrate, 1 pump for the 500 ml bottle.

HOW TO USE: (safety precaution when shipped by air)
1. Unscrew the cap of the small bottle and pour the content into the big bottle. 2-5. Fill the small bottle with warm water and pour it into the big bottle 4 TIMES. 6. Screw the pump tightly onto the big bottle and give it a good shake for 10 seconds or so, to mix the goodies inside. First time you use it, you need to pump a few times to get the liquid up through the tube. And it's a good idea to shake the bottle a little every time before use. Enjoy❣

Skinny Caramel coffee syrup

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Who We Are

Coffee Adder AB is a Swedish company located in the historic city of Nykoping.
Coffee Adder was founded by Rudolf Rubin, who has personally, with the assistance of flavourist experts from different parts of the world, developed the Coffee Adder flavours.